Pomodoro Pizza, Kapitolyo: The Php50 Pasta Promo

August 18, 2015
I have written about Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo, Pasig before and if you have read the blog post, you would know how much I took a great liking for this humble little Italian restaurant. Their take on Italian food is something you wouldn't really expect from an assuming restaurant by the street. But Pomodoro Pizza is doing a great job in serving impressive dishes you would most likely encounter in legit and big time restaurants in the Metro.

So, couple of weeks ago, I was back at the foodie streets of Kapitolyo to check out ahead of time the upcoming promo that Pomodoro Pizza will be dishing out come the 26th of this month. It's the Php50 Pasta Promo.

Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig City, Pasta Promo
Basically, the Php50 Pasta Promo is Pomodoro Pizza's way of giving back to the diners for supporting them all the way. As you may all know, they have been in the business for quite a while now and they are doing pretty good these days, all thanks to the support of pizza-loving people who happen to visit and re-visit Pomodoro to get their pizza and pasta fix.

I asked the owner Ram about the significance of the date August 26 and the reason for such promotion. The answer was simply because they wanted to give back, no hardcore reason, really. They just want more people to enjoy their pasta at Pomodoro at way more affordable price. Cool, right?

Facade of Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo
Just like any other promos, the Php50 Pasta Promo at Pomodoro has of course, some terms and conditions. Which are reasonable and really easy to adhere to, if you're going to ask me.

So terms and conditions states that first, there should only be maximum of three pastas per person, second, strictly for walk-in diners only, you will have to add Php10 if you want to take out the rest of your pasta, and third, no reservation, pick ups, nor deliveries.

Php50 Pasta Promo at Pomodoro
Currently there are 15 kinds of pasta available at Pomodoro Pizza. During my previous visit, I have tried three kinds and was floored by the goodness of each of them.Recent visit on the other hand allowed me to feast on five different kinds of pasta dishes.

I am showing it to you so that you would have an idea of what pasta dishes you may enjoy when you avail of the Php50 Pasta Promo at Pomodoro Pizza on August 26.

Seafood Marinara at Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo
Seafood Marinara ~ Fresh beheaded shrimps and squid rings sauteed in garlic, deglazed with red wine and simmered in signature Pomodoro sauce. (Original price is Php130)

This is one of the best sellers at Pomodoro Pizza, and rightfully so, in my opinion since it boasts of really plump shrimps and equally hefty squid rings. I have always love the signature Pomodoro sauce hence, this, I could easily say is one of my favorite pasta dishes at Pomodoro. 

Pollo Alfredo at Pomodoro Pizza

Pollo Alfredo ~ Pan fried seasoned chicken breast cooked in a mixture of Bechamel sauce and Pomodoro's very own pesto sauce. (Original price is Php129)

This is a runaway favorite among our group. Chicken in cream sauce has always a special place in my heart in contrast to tomato based chicken dishes, so this one is downright winner in my book. The tenderness of the chicken was also noteworthy.

Pasta Con Sardine Spagnole at Pomodoro Pizza

Pasta Con Sardine Spagnole ~ Spanish sardines sauteed in garlic, olives, and olive oil. (Original price is Php135)

If you love Spanish sardines then this pasta is your best option among the choices. I love that the quality of the Spanish sardine they use at Pomodoro is very apparent making every bite an enjoyable one.

Fusilli Al Tonno at Pomodoro Pizza

Fusilli Al Tonno ~ fresh tuna flakes sauteed in garlic and strips of green bell pepper then simmered in a mixture of Bechamel sauce and Pomodoro's pesto sauce. (Original price is Php135)

The charm of this pasta lies on its simplicity. That is not to say that it lacks in the flavor department because the tuna did a great job in owning this dish my making its flavor shine through. If you love tuna and pasta at the same time, you cannot really go wrong with this option.

Pasta Con Pesce at Pomodoro Piza Kapitolyo
Pasta Con Pesce - Fresh tinapa flakes sauteed in garlic and olive oil. (Original price is Php99)

The tinapa they used in this pasta  is all the way from Bataan and people at Pomodoro swear by the quality of the smoked fish. Which is no doubt very obvious since the flavor is really good as compared to those which you can get in some supermarkets here in Manila.

Pomodoro Pizza Pastaa Feast
Notice that prices of these pasta ranges from Php99 to Php135. The priciest pasta at Pomodoro's menu is at Php145 so imagine that all these great dishes, you will be able to get by shelling out Php50 only per pasta. Such a great deal, if I do say so myself. 

If you want to check other pastas which will be available for the promotion, you may do so in my previous Pomodoro Pizza blog post here.

Marinara Pizza at Pomodoro Kapitolyo
While we're at it, may I also encourage you to try Pomodoro's pizza variants because first, it is their specialty (hence the name) and second, it really go well with pasta dishes.

The Marinara Pizza is amazing and as good as any classic food can get. The Pesto Pizza on the other hand is equally noteworthy since it boasts of Pomodoro's own pesto sauce and some boatloads of toppings. So, I suggest you better check these babies out. 

Pesto Pizza at Pomodoro Pizza
The Php50 Pasta Promo is available from 12pm to 10pm on August 26, 2015 while supplies last. Given their limited space, I suggest that you visit them early because the place can be jam packed especially during night time. Also, be sure to try some of the items on their menu because those are relatively affordable too. Do not miss their Brewed Ice Tea, I tell you, it is so good!

So there, if you got some real hankering for delicious pasta and would not want to burn a hole in your pocket, if you are in the area, I suggest that you check out this promo. 

Pomodoro Pizza West Kapitolyo Pasig City
Pomodoro Pizza
6G San Rafael corner Sta. Rosa St.
West Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No: 0927-587-4426
Facebook: /pomodoropizzaph
Instagram: @pomodoropizzaph
Email: pomodoropizzaph@gmail.com

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