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Nostalgic Dining at Lydia's Lechon Restaurant

Monday, October 12, 2015
There is this certain happy feeling I have when writing about food that my parents enjoy even before they had a child who grew up to write about food. It can be a good excuse to peek through the yesteryears with some hint of the root cause why I, as their child ended up liking so much food. 

Lydia's Lechon is one of those which has become part of my parents past which love for it they carry to this day.

Lydia's Lechon Best Lechon in The Philippines
So this recent visit to Lydia's Lechon Restaurant along Marcos Highway in Antipolo courtesy of the people behind the brand led to some nostalgic stupor when my mother started telling stories about how she, as a child enjoyed some porcini bliss that only Lydia's Lechon could provide. 

Lydia's Lechon is celebrating its 50th year in the business this year hence I never wonder how it became part of my mother's history as a food enthusiasts. I am guessing I am not alone in this league for I know a lot of people who has the same love and respect for the staying power that Lydia's Lechon has. It is safe to say that Lydia's Lechon is part of Filipino food history.

Lydia's Special Lechon
My mother even noted that during her childhood days, Sunday after mass trip to Lydia's Lechon stall outside Baclaran church held a special place in her heart. She even recalls how Aling Lydia would generously give some extra chunks of lechon on top of what my grandpa already bought whenever she asked for it. And it wouldn't be complete without the sauce of course.

Fast forward to today, Lydia's Lechon is still very much part of our lives. Special occasions are still graced with the presence of this iconic lechon everyone in the family loves. The day after such events, freshly cooked Paksiw na Lechon made from the leftover lechon is sure to make the breakfast table livelier. Bonus part is the enjoyment of the line of food products that Lydia's Lechon now offers.

Lydia's Lechon Products
Going back to the recent visit I had at Lydia's Lechon Restaurant, we of course feasted on the delicious Lydia's Lechon alongside other impressive dishes that they offer.

On the table:

Lydia's Special Lechon 

The well-loved, celebrated, and iconic lechon that makes every lechon-loving individual salivating with happiness. The thing I love about Lydia's Lechon is that its high qulity and impressive flavor remain consistent. The very reason why we still love this brand to this day.

Aling Lydia's Special Lechon
Its crisp skin, its perfect ratio of fat to meat, and its savory flavor that beckons - no wonder that after 50 long years, Lydia's Lechon is still on top of its game.

Lechon Feast at Lydia's Lechon
Not to be look pass to is the Lydia's Lechon all around sauce which can go perfect with almost everything aside from lechon. It's good to know that they already have this bottled version being sell at some supermarket and Lydia's Lechon Restaurant branches.

Lechon Sauce
Seafood Paella 

A hodgepodge of different seafood with some veggies, this paella is not without the slices of Lydia's Lechon which makes the dish all the more satisfying. I particularly like how they are generous with the seafood incorporated to the dish. This one meal wonder can satisfy you in itself - that is if you have the will power to resist the temptation of other Lydia's Lechon dishes.

Seafood Paella
Crab Relleno 

One of my favorite dishes at Lydia's Lechon. I love how hefty one serving is the same way I love how it is presented. The flavors of crab and shrimp which was also incorporated to the filling are very apparent making a seafood-lover like me downright satisfied.

Crab Relleno
Beef Kare-Kare

Big chunks of beef makes this dish one of my favorite kare-kare of all times. They didn't scrimp on the ingredients, I tell you. And the sauce, in all its thickness and nutty glory is always a delight to be eaten with heaping bowl of rice. Just the thought of it makes me salivate. 

Beef Kare-Kare

Downright Filipino in essence, Lydia's Lechon Bopis has the balance of flavor which I appreciate. The meat is not too hard nor too mushy which is the usual dilemna I have when trying out Bopis in other restaurants. Best eaten with rice or even with a cold mug of beer.
Tinumok na Laing

I rarely eat this kind of dish since I am used to the usual Laing we cook at home and eat at some restaurants. So having this one at Lydia's Lechon induced simple pleasure I cannot find elsewhere. Sort of reminds me of my favorite Mediterranean food called Dolmades.

Tinumok na Laing
Part of Lydia's Lechon pre-packed food goodies is the Chicharon. Available in Laman and Balat, these grubs are delicious as with any other dishes they sell at Lydia's Lechon. Also a perfect beer match, but I wouldn't complain if taken as a viand like I always do.

Chicharon Laman
Chicharon Balat
Saging Con Hielo

This Saging con Hielo reminds me so much of my childhood summer days. I love that it wasn't overly sweet and cloying. I also love that they are very generous with the milk and slices of sweetened banana.

Saging con Hielo
Leche Flan

Simply put, this is a good example of custard made with happiness. Its silky texture is perfect the same way its flavor is. Just like the Saging con Hielo, this Leche Flan is not too sweet and cloying. The serving is just the right size for those who wants to keep the indulgence at bay.

Leche Flan
Back Gulaman

This thirst quencher couldn't get any classic. I love the generous gulaman swimming at the bottom of the glass. The flavor is what I hope my gulaman would taste like. I would gladly skip my favorite soda for this in a heart beat.

Black Gulaman
With number of new restaurants I need to write about both for magazine and this blog, sometimes it is refreshing to go back to the ones which I have been enjoying for years now. Its like revisiting an old friend. That's the feeling I got while dining at Lydia's Lechon. My mother who I was with during my visit was equally happy because for that one moment, she was able to reminisce about the past which constitute a happy life. All thanks to Lydia's Lechon.

Lydia's Lechon Marcos Highway
For more information about Lydia's Lechon, visit their website at You may also contact them thru numbers (+632) 851-2987, (+632) 851-2988, and  (+632) 851-2989.

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