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The Halal Guys PH Manila Experience: The Food & The Food Enthusiasts Who Love Them @TheHalalGuysPH

Friday, October 09, 2015
The Halal Guys PH is set to open in Manila on October 13, 2015 at the Food Hall of Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall. Media and some Manila bloggers were given a sneak preview yesterday of what to expect once The Halal Guys open its door to the anticipating public. 

I was one of those who kept an eye on them since the rumor started spreading that this iconic America-Halal street food franchise will hit Manila shore. And based on my experience, it's worth the wait. 

The Halal Guys PH Opens in Manila, Halal Guys Mega Food Hall SM Mega Mall

I haven't met anyone who have tried the Halal Guy's offerings and doesn't love them. Its stature that started from its humble beginnings in New York to what it is now is a pretty clear indication how this brand has earned the love of many food enthusiasts. 

Thanks to businessman Jaime Daez for bringing the franchise here in Manila because now, many Filipinos will get to understand why The Halal Guys is such a big deal in food world.

Food Tasting Event at The Halal Guys PH, Megamall
One's success can not be celebrated without touching base on its history. So here's a little excerpt of its origin, its current status, the shape of things to come courtesy of the people behind The Halal Guys Philippines.

"The Halal Guys started in 1990, when founding partners, Muhammed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka and Abdelbaset Elsayed, opened a hotdog cart on West 53rd and 6th avenue. Due to the demand for quick and affordable Halal street food, specifically from the Muslim cab drivers, they decided to convert their cart into the city's first Halal Street Food cart. Since then, the Halal Guys has steadily become the largest and most beloved American halal street food concept in the world."

The Halal Guys PH Menu
"Currently, there are 5 food carts and 2 brick-and-mortar restaurants in New York. With the support of franchising giant, Fransmart, the brand is expanding across the US and around the world. The first stores that opened outside of New York, are Chicago and Costa Mesa, California. Plans are underway to open stores in Houston Texas, Philadelphia and Washington DC, among others. The Halal Guys, which has been dubbed as the next big thing in fast, casual dining, is also expanding globally, with the Philippines as its first international location. Other international franchise locations that are in the pipeline, include Malaysia, South Korea and Toronto."

Private Event at The Halal Guys Food Hall Megamall
The sneak preview yesterday was filled with excitement as every guests were treated to experience a real dining set up at The Halal Guys. The menu was said to be the same as the ones they have in New York food carts and other shops - the same food items which made The Halal Guys famous.

With clockwork precision not devoid of friendly gestures, the hardworking food staff at The Halal Guys whipped up every food order as if they were equally excited to let the guests try the food they prepared. And I am guessing they really were.

Food Staff at The Halal Guys PH
My Feast:

Excited to try everything on the menu, I opted for the Gyro and Chicken Combo over Rice, New York Size (Php499 with drink). I also went for the Falafel Sandwich, New York Size (Php249). New York size, I tell you, is humongous it can be for sharing, or not if you got a big appetite.

Rice Platter and Sandwich at The Halal Guys PH
The Gyro and Chicken Combo over Rice was everything I hoped it to be. I cannot decide on which I favor more, the Gyro or the Chicken because both were really flavorful. The tomatoes and lettuce balanced things out nicely.

Gyro and Chicken Combo Rice Platter
I'm a big rice eater so the generous rice underneath was a source of further joy. That is not to say that the pita was not any good because it makes the Halal Guys' rice platter experience complete. 

And the white sauce - one cannot really help but ask for an extra serving because it is just so good and so perfect combination for the meat.

The Halal Guys Awesome Combo Platter
I am crazy about Falafel, I always make it at home whenever I have the time. This goes without saying that I love the Falafel Sandwich at The Halal Guys. Hefty and downright flavorful. The New Your size has five balls on it so imagine how big a serving is. 

The Halal Guys Falafel Sandwich
Of course, dining at The Halal Guys wouldn't be complete without their iconic white sauce and the hot sauce. Word of caution though, The Halal Guys Hot Sauce is HOT.

The Halal Guys White Sauce and Hot Sauce
Food Spotting:

Some of my KTG friends were also present during the preview. I am happy when I am with them because we are all like brothers and sisters who doesn't mind sharing food with each other. Here are some of the other items at The Halal Guys' menu we all enjoyed.

Needless to say, food at The Halal Guys is Halal certified by the Halal Development Institute of the Philippines (HDIP)

Fod Spotting at The Halal Guys PH
Falafel Sandwich and Chicken over Rice.

Falafel Sandwich and Chicken over Rice
Chicken ocer Rice platter
Gyro over Rice and Chicken Sandwich.

Gyro over Rice and Chicken Sandwich
Gyro over Rice
I had a grand time finishing my Falafel Sandwich but I got my eyes on the Gyro and Chicken Sandwiches on my next visit.

Gyro and Chicken Sandwiches
Everything we had was New York size because when eating something as delicious as these grubs, it is the only way to go, to be honest.

Falafel Sandwich in the making
Foodies Spotting:

Here's our group, The Halal Guys' lovers, no pun intended, okay? 

From left to right; The Tummy Traveler, Hefty Foodie, Mrs. Our Awesome Planet, The Mommist, YedyLicious, Dude4Food, The Pickiest Eater, Chuckie Dreyfus, Animetric, and Rina's Rainbow. Some of my favorite Manila bloggers, right here.

Manila Food Bloggers at The Halal Guys PH
Judging by their look, it goes to show that we were all happy and satisfied with our grubs. Chuckie's reaction after trying the Halal Guy's hot sauce was priceless!

Foodies Spotting at The Halal Guys PH
Very spicy but delicious. Take heed of the warning.

The Halal Guys Iconic Hot Sauce
Happy folks at The Halal Guys PH.

Food Bloggers at The Halal Guys PH SM Megamall
The Halal Guys Opening Promo you might want to check out.

Opening Promo
So, there. If you are one of those who has been waiting for The Halal guys to open here in Manila better mark your calendars already. I am guessing there's going to be some long lines because this opening is very much anticipated. Worry not because if you love Halal food, it's going to be worth it.

Ready Your Appetite! End Your Craving!
The Halal Guys Philippines
Mega Food Hall
5th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila
Facebook: /TheHalalGuysPhilippines
Twitter: @TheHalalGuysPH
Instagram: @thehalalguysph

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  1. Thanks for bringing this franchise! Can't wait to taste halal!

    1. Hey Nico, I can feel your excitement! I, myself is so happy they bought the Halal Guys here. Tomorrow is the day! :)


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