Salad in a Jar by Healthy Monsters PH

Healthy Monsters PH is a healthy meal delivery service in Manila that specializes in salad in a jar and cold-pressed healthy juices. I was thought this technique of putting your salad veggies in a jar if you want it to last longer than usual by some vegan friends way back and little did I know, there is already a business that offers it. 

Healthy Monsters PH uses locally sourced organic ingredients for their salads and the thing that I find most noteworthy is the fact that they made they own salad dressings.

Salad in a Jar by Healthy Monsters PH
Despite my undying love for meat, dealing with veggies has never been a problem for me. I grew up in the mountain, we plant our own veggies back home, I grew up loving salads. So this one, I am happy to share with you since it's right up my alley.

Healthy Monsters, is known as the pioneer of salad in a jar in Luzon conceptualized by Nikki Teves. This business sprung forth from the idea that being busy does not mean that you have to neglect eating healthy.

Healthy Monsters PH
Currently, there are seven variants of salads in jars to choose from such as the Nutty Salad, Nutty Salad Blueberry, Asian Salad, Chia Salad, Skinny Caesar Salad, Fiesta Salad, and Greek Salad.

Salad in a Jar
Each salads is housed inside big recycled jars topped with a little plastic container that carries the homemade salad dressings - Nikki Teves own recipes.

There were three variants which I was able to try;

Nutty Salad - walnuts, almonds, grape tomato, romaine, and strawberry vinaigrette dressing.

Asian Salad - carrots, cabbage, corn, romaine, and Asian dressing.

Skinny Caesar - honeyroasted peanuts, grape, tomato, cheese, romaine, and skinny Caesar dressing.

Locally sourced organic salad
What made these salads special and distinct is the homemade dressing that come with it. Of all the three I have tried, my favorite is the Nutty Salad because the strawberry vinaigrette was just downright amazing. 

Homemade salad dressings
I love the fact that aside from long shelf life which can last up to five days when refrigerated, since it is in a jar, you can just tag it along anywhere you go. I bought one of these salads in a cinema house because I wasn't feeling the popcorn that day. And I enjoyed it. 

Healthy Salads in Manila
Aside from these salads, I heard that the cold-pressed juices of Healthy Monster are also good. They are currently offering several programs that target the clients' needs like the Master Cleanse Program, Salad Boot Camp Challenge, Rawstar Diet, and the 72-Hour Juice Cleanse.

Salad on the go by Healthy Monsters PH
If you want to know more about Salad in a Jar by Healthy Monsters PH, you may contact them through mobile number 0918-985-6323. You may also check out and follow them on Facebook (/HealthyMonstersPH) and Instagram (@healthymonstersPH).

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