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Snapshots and Good Eats at City Savor PH Food Fair

Thursday, December 10, 2015
I feel like I have been spending way too much time working on some of my freelance projects that I am literally dreaming about my blog screaming at me out of neglect. I know it's weird, but you get the point. So last weekend I decided to get out and do something I could blog about just to kick start my drive to blog again and face my backlogs, hence the visit to City Savor Food Fair

City Savor is a Manila food fair happening in three consecutive weekends that features concessionaires that offer food perfect for the holidays. The guys behind City Savor is the same people behind Valero Eat St.

City Savor Holiday Food Fair. Ortigas Makati BGC, Manila Food Fair,
The first leg, which I was able to attend to happened at the Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas. The next will be held at The Signa Designer Residences, Makati and The Trion Tower BGC on December 12 and 19 respectively.

Food concessionaires participating to City Savor includes ChocoATBP, Mac & Jar, Baguettini, Global Beer Exchange, Cannoli & Co., Caramba, Snack Box, Bayani Brew, Saddam’s Shawarma, Buccino’s Ice Cream Experiments, Eenie Minni Cupcakes & Cookies, The Juice Stand, Wagger, Sabao, Bait’s, Crisp on 28th, Pink Panda, Pipino Vegetarian, Hillside CafĂ© & Juice Bar.

Zomato at City Savor
Also included in the participating concessionaires are Habitual Coffee, Liquido Maestro, Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee, Standford Shaw, Pedro Brewcrafters, Bald Baker, Jertie’s Kitchen, Cucina Cuenca, Comer Y Comic, Traydor Hot Sauce, Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs, Boneless Bob, Jimmy D’s, and Snow Shack, and many more.

Take note however that these purveyors are divided into groups, meaning there are some which you will see in City Savor Makati which will sadly no longer be there at City Savor BGC. So if you want to catch them all, I suggest you attend both food fairs. 
City Savor concessionaires
I was with Hefty Foodie during the visit and we were happy to bumped into fellow food blogger @theyoungculinarian and instagrammer @alvinonggg. (Intentionally writing their Instagram handler here so that you can follow them if you have not already. These kids got some crazy IG feeds that will make you salivate.)

Food Blogger and Instagrammer
The thing about bumping into like minded people is that you get to share the things you all enjoy. In this case, photography and food styling aside of course from eating. 

I am mad crazy about food styling, because hey, that's what I do for a living, and I found such comfort that @alvinonggg, being an instagrammer is also very particular about it as well. On the other hand, @theyoungculinarian's loyalty to his IG feed style (white background - no more, no less) fueled everyone's creativity and resourcefulness that afternoon.

City Savor Food Feast
Having shared the afternoon with these food enthusiasts was an enjoyable feat in itself But let us not forget the most enjoyable thing of all, the reason why we were there - the food.

The choices weren't that plenty to be honest. I am guessing maybe because it was the first leg. Yet everything we got to try were notable nonetheless. So photos below are some of my favorites.

First, the Soy Sauce Kasuy Ice Cream of Buccino's Ice Cream Experiments (@BICExperiments). Crazy flavor that worked really well. The Muscovado Bacon Ice Cream is also noteworthy.

Soy Sauce Kasuy Ice Cream of Buccino's Ice Cream Experiments
Marinara Sauce and Salsa of Alejandro's (@alejandrosmnl) We got to enjoy these treats with some nacho chips and I found the salsa really incredible. If it taste good on nacho chips, I am guessing it will taste good with pasta as well.

Marinara Sauce and Salsa of Alejandro's
Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich by Mac & Jar (@macandjar). The variant we got was the bubble gum flavor and it taste just like that. It was amazing since I love macaron and ice cream, so combining these two is like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich by Mac & Jar
Shawarma with Chorizo by Saddam's Shawarma (@saddamshawarma) I am crazy about shawarma and Saddam's Shawarma is highly impressive. Hefty Foodie informed me that the guys behind this are the same guys behind Cab Cafe. Highly recommended, I tell yah.

Shawarma with Chorizo by Saddam's Shawarma
Kare-kare over Rice at Takao by Resulatdo Gourmet. The flavor leans on the sweeter side of the spectrum but when combined with the bagoong, it just works really well. And oh, I love the name - Takao. 

Kare-kare over Rice at Takao by Resulatdo Gourmet
Cannolis by Cannoli & Co (@cannoliandco) Another highly recommended food discovery that afternoon. The also sell some arancini which was equally note worthy especially the truffle variant.

Cannolis by Cannoli & Co
Tablea Fudge Bar by ChocoATBP (@chocoatbp) I cannot say no to tablea and this one is one of those you really can't say no to because it is so damn good.

Tablea Fudge Bar by ChocoATBP
Wagger Kani Salad Burger by Wagger (@waggerkanisalas) A different take to your usual burger. I am not really blown away by the burger patty, but props for using kani salad instead of the usual coleslaw, so there.

Wagger Kani Salad Burger by Wagger
There are plenty of food concessionaires on the list which I wished was included that afternoon (I am specifically looking at you, Bald Baker and Boneless Bob!) but it does not mean that I enjoyed my visit less. We were told that there will be plenty more delicious eats on the upcoming City Savor on December 12 and 19, so I suggest you dear readers to come and visit them.
City Savor Holiday Food Fair. Ortigas Makati BGC, Manila Food Fair,
For more information about City Savor, check out their Facebook Page and Instagram (@citysavorph). Use the hashtag #CitySavorPH to join the conversation.

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