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McDonald's Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes

Friday, August 05, 2016
When kindly people from McDonald's gave us a heads up about their new Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes I got a bit excited. Because for one, I love their hotcakes since day one, and two, adding a new flavor to the usual sounds exciting. Not to mention, we're talking about choco crumble here.

McDonald's Hotcakes is one of my default option when having breakfast at McDo, alongside other delicious breakfast dishes I fancy that day. Now, McDo's Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes indeed adds flavor to my morning.

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I love the simplicity in appearance of the usual hotcake dabbed with butter then drizzled with maple-flavored syrup. Yet, in terms of aesthetics, the Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes is definitely a scene-stealer!

Hello Again! [ Mini Pancakes with Almond Butter, Bacon Bits, and Honey Recipe ]

Monday, February 09, 2015

It is my first post here at YedyLicious for 2015 and already I am talking about this easy breakfast recipe of Mini Pancakes with Almond Butter, Bacon Bits, and Honey. Not to get ahead of myself, but I have the option to start this year writing about recent restaurants I have been to or to share this recipe.

I choose the latter with paltry justification that this simple breakfast finds its way to my routine during the blog sabbatical I took recently.

I choose the latter because it feels right to remind myself to stick to my guns for the shape of things to come.

Easy Breakfast Recipe Mini Pancakes with Almond Butter Bacon Bits and Honey YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
January of last year I almost bid adieu to blogging. Explaining would only lead to long narratives peppered with unspoken regrets and unrealized truths, so let us just leave it at that. All I know that is that everything seems crowded with forced art in different forms and declarations devoid of my personal trademark.

I longed for a blank canvas.

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