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Silcafe Freshly Roasted Coffee: Local Coffee You Should Try #LoveLocal

January 31, 2021

Where I am currently at, the weather is so nice and cold all day - for someone who is never a big fan of Summer, it's simply heaven on earth. What makes each cold morning even perfect for me is a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I have a lot of favorite coffee, and recent addition to the list is Silcafe Freshly Roasted Coffee

Silcafe Freshly Roasted Coffee Blog Review by YedyLicious Manila Food Blog, Best Coffee in Manila Philippines Blog Review Yedy Calaguas

A proudly Philippine product, Silcafe Freshly Roasted Coffee hails from Silang Cavite. Their coffee blends consists of 100% pure and natural Arabica, Robusta, and our very own Philippine Barako Coffee.

J.CO Donuts and Coffee at SM East Ortigas & the New J.CO Premium Affogato Drinks

May 06, 2017
J.CO Donuts and Coffee Philippines recently opened their newest branch located in SM East Ortigas. J.Co Philippines is now on its fifth year here in the country and this new branch is said to be the 44th J.CO store. In line with this, J.CO also recently launched a new addition to their menu, the all-new premium J.CO Affogato Series.

The all-new premium Affogato drinks line up is perfect for the summer season. It is a perfectly delicious way to combat heat by enjoying the best of both worlds - coffee and ice cream. 

J.CO. SM East Ortigas Branch and the All-New J.CO Premium Affogato Drinks, J.Co Donuts and Coffee Philippines Branches New Menu Blog Review Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Restaurants in SM East Ortigas Mall Best Donuts in Manila Indonesia HongKong Singapore Saudi Malaysia, The Best Donuts Coffee Sandwich Cronuts Yogurt, YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
And J.CO as expected, goes beyond that. J.CO's Affogato Series isn't just confined between the goodness of ice cream and espresso. There is more to it, of course. Something I am enjoying immensely these days while lounging at their newest branch.

Figures of Beans Coffee: Welcome to the Coffee Revolution

March 23, 2017
With the proliferation of coffee shops everywhere, there are plethora of coffee options that we, coffee lovers have seem endless. But I'll let you in on a little secret. While I have my favorite coffee shops that I frequent to whenever I go out, at the end of the day, I am still all crazy bout brewing my own coffee at home.

For some of us coffee enthusiasts, brewing your own perfect cup of coffee is the dream.  So when I was introduced to Figures of Beans coffee recently, I was elated. I have my favorite brands, but it is always a pleasure to meet new ones.

Figures of Beans Coffee Review, FOB Figure of Beans Coffee Online Shop Sagada Dark Roast, Benguet Arabica, Arabica Robusta, Beest Coffee in Manila, Home Brew, Home Brewed Coffee, FOB Coffee Price List Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
Figures of Beans is an online shop that sells whole beans and ground coffee of different kinds. So if you are also into brewing your own coffee or interested in starting this kind of caffeinated love affair, then this might be for you. 

OKF Premium Coffee: Caffe Latte, Caffè Mocha, and Caramel Macchiato + a GIVEAWAY

November 10, 2014
Coffee in can is not something I would usually pass up simply because it is convenient to have anytime, anywhere. I am sure those who loves their coffee but are usually on the go could relate. So when I sampled OKF Premium Coffee Drinks ready-to-drink in can, I knew from the get go that it is something right up my alley.

OKF Premium Coffee Drinks is from the same maker of the Healthy Aloe Vera Juice, a product I have featured here at YedyLicious before. It is available in different variants but what I got to try were the Caramel Macchiato, Caffè Mocha, and the Caffe Latte.

OKF Premium Coffee Cafe Latte, Caff Mocha, and Caramel Macchiato. OKF Philippines Exclusive Distributor is Oxford Distribution
Of course there are plenty other big players in the same league. I have tried quite a few myself and I have some favorites. After having tried OKF Premium Coffee, they immediately went on my list of favorites.Quality of flavor and affordability are some of the things I always take into consideration when dealing with ready-to-drink coffee, these premium coffee from OKF Philippines have that.

Caffe Pascucci Shop: Italian Coffee Shop at Robinsons Galleria

May 23, 2014
Caffe Pascucci Shop is an Italian brand of coffee shop that branched out here in Manila just last year. It prided itself in serving high quality standard of coffee in different variants and pastry goodies that go perfectly well with their coffee selection. Currently, Caffe Pascucci Shop already have two branches here in Manila; one in Glorietta 2 in Makati City and the other one in Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas, Pasig City.

It was said that Caffe Pascucci Shop is popular in Italy and Korea with an impressionable number of patrons. If the green siren stands to be the most popular here in Manila and to most part of the world, Caffee Pascucci Shop is noted as its Italian equivalent in terms of followers.

Caffe Pascucci Shop Manila Philippines. Italian Coffee Shop in Manila. Caffe Pascucci Shop Branches in Glorietta and Robinsons Galleria.

I remember the first time I tried Caffe Pascucci was during the launching of our book EATS 2014 which was held at the Glorietta Activity Center. Caffe Pascucci Glorietta branch was just a stone's throw away from the area, just right beside Ginza Bairin. So before heading home, we grabbed some coffee and pastries from Caffe Pascucci just to last us through dinner time. I remember that the place left a great impression on me with its artsy ambiance.

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