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Kumori Matcha Signature Cheese Tart

November 15, 2016
I sort of knew it was bound to happen, the creation of Kumori Matcha Cheese Tart. It is fortunate that whatever creation that Kumori Philippines put their hands on, it always ends up crawling its way to our hearts and tummy. And whether we admit it or not, we are destined to love it. 

The combination of universally appreciated cheese and  matcha, which popularity is very apparent these days more than ever, is not very unlikely. As a matter of fact, it can be one of the best combination there is if the one to judge is a matcha believer such as myself. 

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I may have mentioned this here on the blog that I have deep affinity for matcha. This appreciation started years back when I was forced to ditch coffee for a while to avoid reflux which to this day I still believe was brought by the stress disguised as college thesis defense. While I refused to believe that coffee was the culprit, my love affair with matcha blossomed from then on. 

Kumori Signature Cheese Tart @kumoriph #biteintoclouds

May 26, 2016
There is no stopping Kumori from creating downright delectable breads and pastries, that's a fact. Now they are into it again as they launched their new product, Kumori Signature Cheese Tart. Remaining true to its tag line, biting into these tarts is like biting into clouds - a cheese flavored one at that.

Kumori is one of the food brands which I have blogged about for a number of times already. Because truth is, I am really a fan and it is always on top of my highly recommended list.

Kumori Signature Cheese Tart YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
The released of their Signature Cheese Tart only cemented the fact that Kumori has really a special place in my heart. They always make me happy, you guys. And I am sure a lot of fellow fans can relate.

New Rustic Bread Variants & Best Selling Pastries at Kumori PH

March 31, 2016
I have always been a fan of Kumori and I am sure many would nod in agreement that biting into their pastries, breads, and cakes made with freshest ingredients is indeed like biting into clouds. The opening of the first Café Kumori at SM North Edsa that follows the success of Kumori counters in SM Makati and Landmark is a clear indication that since its opening, Kumori is on top of its game. And guess what, they will soon be opening their fourth Kumori PH branch at UP Town Center

While I have yet to visit and check out Café Kumori to share my experience here on the blog, I am happy to share with you now some of the new rustic bread offerings at Kumori.

New Rustic Bread and Best Selling Breads Cakes Pastries at Kumori PH Japanese Bakeshop. Cafe Kumori Blog Review Menu Branch Store Operating Hours Menu Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Rustic bread – just the sound of it is enough to make a bread lover like myself get giddy with excitement. And since it is made by Kumori, the expectation is all the more higher. Now I am telling you from the get-go that they did not disappoint. 

Christmas Squares Cookies by Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines

December 15, 2015
One of the many food that I associate with Christmas season is cookies. Is that weird? Not really, right? Come the first of Christmas month, piles of cookies would slowly gather in my pantry. None of which are baked by me because while I am confident that I can cook a feast that could feed a Village, baking is not really one of my strongest suits since I hate following instruction to a T. So really, I am not complaining.

Some of these are given by baker friends who banks on the idea that I could honestly give criticism without battling an eyelash which they appreciate, some are gifts, while some are lined up for a blog or magazine feature. This year, I got this Christmas Squares Cookies by Kumori Philippines.

Kumori Philippines Christmas Square Cookies, a Perfect Christmas Gift This Holiday Season, Kumori Cookies Blog Review Branch Price Address Contact No Facebook Instagram Twitter
It was actually a gift from the kindly people at Relish Group tucked in a cute Christmas-themed paper bag alongside an equally cute personalized key chain. Relish Group as you may have known is the people behind Osaka Osho, Wee Nam Kee, Kumori, and other food businesses in Manila. But this gift, I find good and fit for a blog feature, so here we are.

Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines

May 12, 2015
Kumori Japanese Bakery which hails from Japan hit the Philippine shore recently and has now two branches; one in the basement level of Landmark Makati and the basement level of SM Makati. Kumori which bears the slogan “It’s Japan baked Daily” prided itself with their natural, handmade, fresh, and quality breads, cakes & pastries that echo artisanal baking craftsmanship of Japanese tradition.

First time I learned about Kumori was when I read it from Table For Three, Please blog. I am a big fan of cheesecake, hence, the Hanjuku Cheese, a bite sized Japanese cheesecake caught my attention immediately.

Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
I have not visited the physical store as of yet, but it is one of those places I wish to check out sometime soon when I visit Manila. Friends from Kumori however sent over a package recently as a prelude of what to expect from Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines.

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