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Christmas Squares Cookies by Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
One of the many food that I associate with Christmas season is cookies. Is that weird? Not really, right? Come the first of Christmas month, piles of cookies would slowly gather in my pantry. None of which are baked by me because while I am confident that I can cook a feast that could feed a Village, baking is not really one of my strongest suits since I hate following instruction to a T. So really, I am not complaining.

Some of these are given by baker friends who banks on the idea that I could honestly give criticism without battling an eyelash which they appreciate, some are gifts, while some are lined up for a blog or magazine feature. This year, I got this Christmas Squares Cookies by Kumori Philippines.

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It was actually a gift from the kindly people at Relish Group tucked in a cute Christmas-themed paper bag alongside an equally cute personalized key chain. Relish Group as you may have known is the people behind Osaka Osho, Wee Nam Kee, Kumori, and other food businesses in Manila. But this gift, I find good and fit for a blog feature, so here we are.

Christmas Squares Cookies by Kumori Philipines
From its cute packaging down to its unconventional square shape in contrast to the usual round shape for cookies, this Christmas Squares stood out from the pile of cookies that I got this year. This uniqueness makes it for a good Christmas present to your loved ones and friends, right?

Christmas Cookie by Kumori PH
Knowing Kumori which some of the products I have tried and blogged before, I was already half expecting that the square shaped cookies would be good. And I was not disappointed. The quality is at par with all the other products that Kumori is known for.

Kumori Christmas Squares - Perfect for Holiday gift
Inside the cute house-shaped packaging are variants of square cookies in four different flavors namely; Green Tea, Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Vanilla. Naturally, the color differs based on their flavors hence, making it all the more visually appealing. It also got a subtle aroma of a freshly baked cookies so there really is no reason not to love these cute square cookies.

Kumori Cookies
What I noticed about these cookies aside from its downright cuteness is that the taste isn't that too sweet as compared to the usual cookies I am used to. And it is not a bad thing, really. Since it gives the chance for the distinct flavor of each cookies to shine through in a delicate way instead of it fighting through not to be overshadowed by sugar.

Personally, it is not the kind of cookies I would love to have with a warm glass of milk. Instead, it is perfect with a good cup of tea. Oolong, Green Tea, English Breakfast - those with flavor profile that does not hint with flowery taste will work the best.

Christmas Square Cookies - Vanilla, Cinnamon, Green Tea, and Chocolate
By the rate that I am going in terms of the cookies I am trying out, I can already come up with a good list of my favorites. This Christmas Squares I must say belongs in the category that features a subtle but sophisticated flavor meant to be savored with a clear intention of enjoying the moment instead of just gobbling down everything in one go. 

I like it, I really do.

Kumori Philippines Christmas Square Cookies, a Perfect Christmas Gift This Holiday Season, Kumori Cookies Blog Review Branch Price Address Contact No Facebook Instagram Twitter
Kumori Philippines has branches located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM Makati, Basement Level of Landmark, and The Block at SM North Edsa or follow Kumori in Facebook at

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