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Orell's Glazed Banana Thins: It's a Crack Snack!

Monday, February 22, 2016
While munching on Orell’s Glazed Banana Thins, it made me realized that there are probably only three things that could make me come running home despite being already enroute to somewhere. First is when my parents summon me, second is when memory fails and wallet/phone/keys/common sense are left somewhere in my room, and third is when someone lures me to Chuck a u-ey because there’s a crack snack waiting for me at home.

Orell’s Glazed Banana Thins is such a crack snack I ditched a trip for it. Pathetic, you say?  I call it priorities.

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To say that the trip I ditched was something I have a lukewarm enthusiasm for to begin with, would just sound like a sorry excuse.  So despite it being the truth, I don’t mind settling for another statement that also rings true – I have an unequivocal love for banana chips.  When dodging my excessive meat consumption, banana chips for me is like beef jerky – I eat it like it’s nobody’s business.  

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