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A Merry and Bright Christmas at CRAVINGS #BrighterCravings2018

Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Christmas 2018 with Cravings Group of Restaurants Manila Philippines, YedyLicious Manila Food Blog

Christmas comes early with The Cravings Group as they celebrate 30 years of creating exceptional Holiday memories

As the Christmas season fast approaches, party planning also begins. Whether it’s an intimate dinner at home with family or a feast at the workplace with friends, any celebration only becomes memorable with a plateful of sumptuous food, a well-thought off present and the right party details in place.

MAYA Hotcake Art

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
MAYA Hotcake Art Contest, How To Make Art In Hotcake, Hotcake Art, Food and Art, YedyLicious Manila Food Blog

Do you love the art? I do! How about the combination of art and food? That's heaven for me, I tell you. So let me share with you a good news from MAYA for those of us who loves the beautiful marriage of food and art. 

MAYA Hotcake is currently having a contest which gives a chance for those artists in us to showcase our talents by creating art thru MAYA Hotcake mix. 

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