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Going Back to Outback Steakhouse Makati for a Satisfying Lunch

Thursday, October 22, 2015
I recently had lunch at Outback Steakhouse in Makati and as expected, the experience was delightful. There are several branches of Outback Steakhouse here in Manila but the ones I frequent to is their branch in Glorietta. It was a simple and quick lunch but it brought so many good memories.

I have mentioned in my last Outback Steakhouse blog post that this restaurant has always been one of my favorite even way back those days when I wasn't blogging yet. 

Outback Steakhouse Philippines with Branches in Makati Libis and Alabang
To this day, that still holds true. Had I not moved to Antipolo, I will still probably frequent to this branch. But then again, a trip to Outback whenever I am in Makati isn't a bad idea, right? 

Saboten Philippines: The Best Tonkatsu in Manila and The Jumbo Hiroshima Oyster

Tuesday, June 09, 2015
Saboten Philippines, with branches in Glorietta and Serendra is said to have the Best Tonkatsu in Manila by some food enthusiasts with its "Original Taste of Tonkatsu". A lot of Manila Food Bloggers have written about their blog review of Saboten the moment it opened its door here in our country. Most of them have written glaring praises and I couldn't blame them because truth be told - I am one of the believers.

There are numbers of Japanese restaurants in Manila that specializes in katsu and I have few favorites. Recent visit to Saboten in Glorietta 5 immediately thread its way on top of my list.

Saboten Glorietta Serendra Philippines Best Tonkatsu in Manila
If like myself, you are a big fan of natural light when dining in a restaurants at day time, Saboten's branch at Glorietta 5 do not disappoint. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall in front of the restaurant gives way to the beautiful light to come in - making the contemporary interior design of the place illuminates.

Cafe Shibuya, Glorietta Makati

Monday, December 29, 2014
This blog post about Cafe Shibuya has been a long time coming. That is not to say that I got no interest blogging about it from the first time. As a matter of fact, being a person who has deep affinity for buttered bread - toast buttered bread with all things incredible on top of it for that matter, I was overwhelmed on my first visit. I just thought I need to revisit them couple of more times and try other items on their menu before penning my thoughts on it.

Yet, succeeding visits were still loaded with basically the same toasts which I fell in love with the first time. I would like  the virtue of loyalty take credit for it, but in all honesty, my favorite toasts at Cafe Shibuya are all enticing I couldn't bend my desire for them quite enough to say pass. So, I am giving this a go. 

Cafe Shibuya Glorietta UP Town Center / Shibuya Toast, Cafe Shibuya Menu, Cafe Shibuya Branches Location, Cafe Shibuya Facebook Twitter Instagram.

With an endearing cafe interior and impressive line of savory and sweet toasts alongside equally impressive line of Ghirardelli chocolate drinks concoction, it is not surprising that Cafe Shibuya draw large followers when it opened its flagship store at U.P. Town Center. Not long after its opening, a second branch at Glorietta 2 follow suit.

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