Yosuke Ramen: A Delicious D.I.Y. Ramen I Highly Recommend

May 14, 2018
Yosuke Ramen is a delivery service DIY Ramen (do-it-yourself ramen) for those who wants to enjoy a good bowl of ramen made by Japanese chef in the comfort of their own home or office. It is said that within two weeks after opening, they already hit the average of 250 bowls per day in shipping. People who have tried it claimed that it is better than Ramen Nagi and Ippudo.

I admit I was a little apprehensive when I was asked to try Yosuke Ramen because the DIY ramen delivery concept is fairly new to me. I am not really a big fan of instant ramen to be honest and I always prefer my bowl of ramen freshly made with fresh ingredients. Thankfully, Yosuke Ramen did not disappoint. 

Truth be told, after finishing my first bowl of Yosuke Ramen, I figured it is the closest thing to the ramen I love having when I am at my favorite ramen place. At one point, it felt like I was eating a ramen that came from a ramen restaurant. 

Essentially, Yosuke Ramen boasts of the fact that it is developed by a Japanese chef. The ingredients they use are fresh. The soup base is in paste form which makes it easy to be transported since it is after all a ramen delivery concept. Noodles are also freshly made and not those dehydrated ones (heaven forbid!) we normally see in package instant ramen. 

I got to try the Spicy Miso with Chashu variant and basically a package contains two types of soup pastes, two small packs of fresh noodles, two slices of chashu pork, chopped green onion, black sesame seeds, dried seasoned laver or seaweeds, and a pair of chopsticks. 

The instruction on how to prepare the ramen is attached on the box of the package. It is really important to follow the instruction to a T if you don't want to end up with a lackluster bowl of ramen. The instruction is very easy anyway hence, anyone that is of age and sound mind will be able to do it. 

I copied verbatim the instruction written on the box just so you can see how easy it is to prepare Yosuke Ramen

1. Put your thawed noodles into ample boiling hot water. Cook for 2 minutes. Stir occasionally to avoid sticking together. Drain excess water using a strainer. Do not use this water again to make your soup.

2. Put the ramen paste into 300ml of hot boiling water. Mix until fully diluted.

3. Place cooked noodles into your serving bowl, add the ramen soup, eggs, chashu/meat toppings, and other garnish. Enjoy your Yosuke Ramen.

The cooking process is very easy, and the taste, based on the one which I have tried is nothing short of amazing. I was really surprised that an unassuming package of ramen would yield something so good. Hence, this is something I highly recommend. 

Here's their menu for the month of May. I encourage you to give this ramen a try now. 

Yosuke Ramen
Contact person: Karen
Sms: 0919-993-8250
Viber: 0915-634-7245
Instagram: shopwiserph
Facebook: @yosukeramen

2 comments on "Yosuke Ramen: A Delicious D.I.Y. Ramen I Highly Recommend "
  1. Is the chashu already cooked? We just need to put it in the soup?

    1. Hi Nona, Yes, it already is. You just have to top it on your ramen.


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