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Choobi Choobi Restaurant [CEBU Food Trip]

Saturday, November 12, 2016
It was almost lunch time when we arrived in Cebu during the Cebu Food Crawl with the Food Crew PH. Some of us are already starving, so, right after checking into our hotel and freshening up a bit, we went our merry way to the first restaurant stop of our first day in Cebu – Choobi Choobi Restaurant.

Choobi Choobi Restaurant has been in the business for quite a while. Good quality seafood, generous serving portion, and price tag that do no break the bank are some of the reasons why Choobi Choobi Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Cebu.

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There are several Choobi Choobi Restaurant branches in all of Cebu and they are located at Mactan, SM City, SM Seaside City, Robinsons Cyberspace Cebu, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Parkmall, Pueblo Verde, and Mactan Newtown. And just recently, they have finally opened a branch here in Manila.

Luisa Ridge Hot Spring Resort and Spa, Pansol Calamba, Laguna

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
When your folks started enumerating the health benefits of soaking your self into hot spring, Luisa Ridge Hot Spring Resort in Pansol Laguna in this particular case, you cannot really argue with it. So despite easy access to pool back home, you'll take that drive all the way to Laguna because hey, regular pool is no match to hot spring pool, I was told.

But it is not as if there is a tinge of regret lurking somewhere here because truth is, I kind of enjoy this little trip.

Luisa Ridge Hot Spring Resort and Spa, Pansol Calamba Laguna, Resort Near Manila, Luisa Ridge Resort Laguna Blog Review Contact Number Address Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food and Travel Blog
There are a lot of hot spring resorts in Laguna area but my father happen to know the Koren business man who acquired this property, so we went for it in support. I heard that it was previously owned by locals before the management revamped but it was a pretty murky story so I am not really sure.

Kuhala Bay Resort, Cardona Rizal

Wednesday, May 04, 2016
Kuhala Bay Resort located in Cardona Rizal is one of the good options for summer outing destinations if you are in search for resorts near Manila. It offers a nice and quiet place of relaxation with a beautiful view of countryside and Laguna lake. While Cardona is at the easternmost part of Rizal, just a couple of hours drive away from Manila, you will be welcomed with beautiful things that this humble municipality can offer. 

There are myriad of resorts in Rizal province and having its close proximity to Manila as the main selling point, it can be the best bet for people who loves to go on a summer outing but don't have the liberty of time to accommodate long travel hours.

Kuhala Bay Resort Cardona Rizal Blog Review Rates Entrance Fee Address Contact Number, Resort Near Manila, Resort in Rizal Province, Events Place, YedyLicious Manila Blog
This particular visit at Kuhala Bay Resort happened on a company outing, hence we reserved the entire place to ourselves for the whole day. But during regular days, Kuhala Bay is open for public. There aren't much information about this resort on the web, (no website, Facebook, etc.) so I hope this blog post may help.

The Nest, Dining in the Sky Restaurant at Vivere Hotel Alabang [Part Three of Staycation Series]

Sunday, April 24, 2016
There are many things to be loved about The Nest, the in-house restaurant of Vivere Hotel Alabang. While there are many which I acknowledge, there are few that for me, really stood out. That, I learned during my recent stay at Vivere Hotel one weekend.

The Nest is aptly followed by the tag "Dining in the Sky" because with the view from the 31st floor of the property that comes with the dining experience, it is indeed like dining in the sky.

The Nest Restaurant at Vivere Hotel in Alabang. Dining and Breakfast Buffet at The NEst Vivere Hotel Blog Review Menu Reservation Address Contact No Website Facebook Instagram Twitter, Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Manila, Best Date Place in Alabang, YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Indeed the view is great, but it is not exactly the thing that blew me away, no sir. It is not exactly the reason why I would want to go back.

A Peek to the Amenities and Suites at Vivere Hotel Alabang [Part Two of the Staycation Series]

Saturday, April 23, 2016
During my recent stay at Vivere Hotel in Alabang, I was able to take a peek of the hotel amenities as well as the other suites of the property. Since it was a weekend, Vivere Hotel is fully booked as there are some events happening but I was lucky that there were some rooms which haven't occupied yet at the time of my viewing.

Great hotel amenities is one of the vital things most of us consider when choosing a hotel. After all, it is always comforting to know that whatever you may need during your R&R will be well provided.

Vivere Hotel Alabang Staycation a Peek to the Amenities and Other Suites and Rooms at Vivere Hotel. Vivere Hotel Room Rates Blog Review Promo YedyLicious Manila Blog
Being a five-star hotel, it is only expected that Vivere Hotel will do well in this league. Based on experience, I could say that they did not disappoint. I however is curious what does the other suites at Vivere Hotel may look like, and I am thankful that such request was granted.

Before you read on, you might want to check the first part of my Stay at Vivere Hotel Alabang blog post series which can be found here

Staycation at F1 Hotel Manila, BGC The Fort [Anniversary Sale Promo Alert!]

Wednesday, April 06, 2016
I have stayed at F1 Hotel Manila for a number of times already - some with our KTG group for blogger staycation, some with my family for bonding times, and some with my friends for those nights when everyone rendered themselves useless manning the wheels after party at BGC area. With those stays I must say that F1 Hotel Manila is really a Home of Happy Experiences.

In line with their 4th Anniversary, F1 Hotel Manila is currently having an Anniversary Gift Certificate Sale Promo. The promo is only up until April 15 and we are talking about up to 60% discount for hotel stay and dining, so be sure not to miss this chance. 

F1 Hotel Manila Staycation and Dining Anniversary Sale Promo, F1 Hotel Staycation Blog Review Buffet Restaurant Best Hotel in Manil Website Facebook Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
And to let you see how awesome staying and dining at F1 Hotel Manila is, I am sharing with you the account of our recent staycation at F1 Hotel Manila with my KTG Family. As with all staycation blog posts here at YedyLicious, this one is photo heavy and a it personal, so read when you have ample free time and towards the end of this post, details about the Anniversary Sale promo will be included.

Resort Near Manila: Nature's Land Camp Resort and Events Venue

Friday, February 12, 2016
There are a lot of resorts in Rizal area making it a good destination for those who wants to go on a group outing minus the long and exhausting travel time. One of these resorts near Manila is Nature's Land Camp Resort and Events Venue located in Morong Rizal - a private resort that offers a calming respite from the city with a beautiful view of nature.

Being a private resort, Nature's Land Camp also serves as an events venue for various occasions such as birthday, baptismal, wedding, company outing, school field trips, seminars, and such. It offers different affordable packages that suit to the guests' budget.

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With Summer Season just around the corner, it is high time to scout for resort venues where you could spend and enjoy he warm days with your loved ones. I deem Nature's Land Camp can be one of the best places you might want to consider.

Weekend Stay at Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay and Food Trip at Taza Fresh Table Restaurant [Day Two]

Thursday, January 21, 2016
The second day of our stay at Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay was all about feasting on the amazing breakfast/brunch buffet at Taza Fresh Table Restaurant, checking out all the other things that Taal Vista Hotel has to offer, and basically enjoying the rest of our stay. 

We are scheduled to check out and head back to Manila at around noon so make sure to make use of the remaining time we had for relaxation and enjoyment - two of the things anyone who wished to stay at Taal Vista Hotel can actually experience amidst the beautiful view and fine weather.

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The previous night was one hell of a crazy bonding with our group that we didn't noticed we were already a couple of hours away from the dawn. Not that I am complaining because it was one of the best night spent with friends I had for what seems like a long time. It was a treasured moment, I must say.

Weekend Stay at Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay and Food Trip at Taza Fresh Table Restaurant [Day One]

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Our recent stay at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay to check out and have a food trip at Taza Fresh Table Restaurant I must say is one of the most enjoyable Tagaytay trips I have ever had as of yet. One of the best staycations I had in my blogging years. Although it was a quick overnight stay, the fun, enjoyment, and relaxation - I appreciate to the core. 

While it helps that I was with some of my KTG Family, we could all say that the main reason for our grand time in Tagaytay City was the accommodation at Taal Vista Hotel and the kind service they provided us.

Staycation at Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay and Food Trip at Taza Fresh Table Restaurant, Best Tagaytay City Accommodation, Best Restaurants in Tagaytay, Blog Review Website Address Contact No Facebook Instagram Twitter
A lot has been said about Taal Vista Hotel. About how great of a hotel it is, about its historical past, and about how enjoyable it is to stay with them. Now it is high time for me to share here on the blog how I enjoyed my stay at Taal Vista Hotel with some friends.

Staycation at Oakwood Premier Hotel Manila in Ortigas [Part Three]

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
So, we have arrived at the last part of my Staycation at Oakwood Premier Manila Blog Series. The last day of my stay at Oakwood was as nice as the first day having the Jazzy Sunday Brunch Buffet as its highlight. Bonus part was that I spent it with some of my favorite Manila food bloggers which I consider my family in this industry.

I admit that I had a great time recalling that weekend at Oakwood to weave stories to share with you. Although I do not have all the time in the world to finish writing everything in one sitting, I am glad that you have stayed with me. Good memories are not meant to be rushed, only savored. Thank you for your patience.

HOTEL STAYCATION IN MANILA BLOG SERIES: Jazzy Sunday Brunch at Oakwood Manila Ortigas, Staycation at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila in Ortigas Pasig City. One of the Best Hotels in Manla.
It tickles me to the bone that some of you sent me emails and messages through my Facebook page just to let me know that you are enjoying this mini series. Do not worry, I am working on making the comment system here at YedyLicious way easier to deal with. Meanwhile, you are always welcome to get in touch with me by any means we see fit. 

Staycation at Oakwood Premier Hotel Manila in Ortigas [Part Two]

Sunday, October 26, 2014
On the first part of my Staycation at Oakwood Premier Manila in Ortigas blog post series, I let you in on a little tour of the One-Bedroom Deluxe which I have stayed in. I apologize if it took me a while to post this second part because well, life outside the cyberspace skyrocketed from being downright chill to notoriously demanding. But I am done complaining. I stole some time to make way finishing the second installment of this mini blog series.

So, where was I? Yes, right. We're done with the tour. Now, on to the back story.

HOTEL STAYCATION IN MANILA BLOG SERIES: Staycation at Oakwood Premier Manila in Ortigas Pasig City. One of the Best Hotels in Manla.
Morning of Saturday that I am scheduled to check in at Oakwood, I was at some photo shoot to finish the project I committed myself into. To say that I was exasperated even before the clock hits 12 would be an understatement. On my way to Oakwood, I grabbed a sandwich and commenced what was the first meal of my day while walking and running carrying one overnight bag and another one full of equipment. I met up with my mother so that they could drop me off at Oakwood.

Staycation at Oakwood Premier Hotel Manila in Ortigas [Part One]

Thursday, October 16, 2014
One of the things I love doing for my blog aside from dining at restaurants is writing about hotel staycations here in Manila. So, when this month was welcomed with a weekend staycation at Oakwood Premier Manila in Ortigas, I know I have to make time even if it entails moving mountain. It is my birth month after all, I figured I could use a break from the usual.

Having experienced several themed buffets at Oakwood Premier Manila's Oakroom Restaurant, I have always been confident that they are well worth sharing here on my blog. I even hosted couple of giveaways out of Oakwood's generosity and belief that great food are meant to be shared. This time though, what I am sharing is my weekend staycation experience at Oakwood.

HOTEL STAYCATION IN MANILA BLOG SERIES: Staycation at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila in Ortigas Pasig City. One of the Best Hotels in Manla.
If you have been a long time reader, you know how enthusiastic I can get especially when it comes to telling some great experiences about my little adventures. Add to that the fact that I can get trigger happy when exposed to lovely surroundings with pleasant ambiance. Disclaimer though, as with most of the things I have shared here on YedyLicious, this is not a review, I am just sharing my stories with you. Yes, this is going to be a long post with lots of photos and I deem it is only apt to divide it into parts. And this first part right here is what I call, "A Little Tour of My Room at Oakwood."

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