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Hello Again! [ Mini Pancakes with Almond Butter, Bacon Bits, and Honey Recipe ]

Monday, February 09, 2015

It is my first post here at YedyLicious for 2015 and already I am talking about this easy breakfast recipe of Mini Pancakes with Almond Butter, Bacon Bits, and Honey. Not to get ahead of myself, but I have the option to start this year writing about recent restaurants I have been to or to share this recipe.

I choose the latter with paltry justification that this simple breakfast finds its way to my routine during the blog sabbatical I took recently.

I choose the latter because it feels right to remind myself to stick to my guns for the shape of things to come.

Easy Breakfast Recipe Mini Pancakes with Almond Butter Bacon Bits and Honey YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
January of last year I almost bid adieu to blogging. Explaining would only lead to long narratives peppered with unspoken regrets and unrealized truths, so let us just leave it at that. All I know that is that everything seems crowded with forced art in different forms and declarations devoid of my personal trademark.

I longed for a blank canvas.

RiCo Corn Rice: Healthy Alternative to Rice

Sunday, November 30, 2014
I am not in a special kind of diet or something but healthy alternative to food I usually enjoy is always welcome to my pantry. When cool peeps from Nuffnang Philippines shared to me a package of RiCo Corn Rice, a product recently introduced to market as a healthy alternative to rice, I was elated.

In our household, corns are aplenty especially when it is in season. If you live somewhere far from the city like I do, chances are, you would understand the romantic notion of planting and growing your own food. Corn is one of those crops I grew up enjoying. Substituting rice in favor of corn is not really a problem for me although I am a big rice eater. So I figured, corn molded into a rice form is something I could enjoy.

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RiCo Corn Rice, a product of La Filipina, holds the promise of health benefits compared to rice. It is said that corn rice is low in glycemic index which is good for diabetics and pre-diabetic people, it is also gluten free and trans fat free, and it has no cholesterol which makes it good for the heart. Aside from that, rice corn is also said to be packed with iron, lutein, vitamin a, b-vitamins, amino acids, beta-carotene, calcium, folate, and fiber.

Gustazo Gourmet: Tuyo Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe and Tinapa Soft Tacos Recipe

Saturday, December 21, 2013
Gustazo Gourmet Tuyo Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe and Gustazo Pomodoro Tinapa Soft Tacos Recipe

One of the things that makes a kitchen distinctly Filipino is the unwavering presence of two most well-loved Pinoy delicacies ~ Tuyo and Tinapa. I for one grew up in a household which pantry never ran out of these two. Patriotic treats for some while stable stars on the table for others, Tuyo (Dried Herring) and Tinapa (Smoked Mackerel) are Filipino comfort food that can commensurate to a beautiful nostalgia when eaten.

Tuyo and tinapa are without a doubt always delicious. A poor man’s feast, these two are. And while both of these delicious treats are relatively easy to prepare, Gustazo has made enjoying tuyo and tinapa alongside some of their products all the more convenient through their bottled products.

Gustazo Gourmet Tuyo Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe and Gustazo Pomodoro Tinapa Soft Tacos Recipe
Started five years ago, Gustazo, which means “pleasure in every bite” aims to provide affordable Filipino gourmet food of premium quality. Having bottled gourmet tuyo as their first product, Gustazo later on introduced other high quality bottled gourmet products. The convenience it proposes has made appreciating these Filipino food possible as it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Yes, no cooking required.

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