Staycation at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila [Day Three]

April 26, 2014
I was under the impression that the third day of our hotel staycation and food tripping at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila will be way "lighter" in terms of food consumption compared to the past two days.

It wasn't.

The first day was a beautiful prelude to the weekend that was, and filled with a lot of food and thoughtful accommodation from the people behind Bellevue Hotels and Resorts, the second day was equally epic.

The third day was all about eating while waiting to eat yet again.

HOTEL STAYCATION IN MANILA. Staycation and Foodtrip at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Hotel Manila, Breakfast BUffet at Prime Cafe of B Hotel Alabang, Brunch at Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar, Lunch at Phoenix Court in Bellevue Hotel Manila
We only got few things on our itenerary since we are scheduled for a check out on the third day. But it doesn't mean that we went easy on the eating spree. Who could blame me really? We were given an impressive accommodation and impeccable service at B Hotel, such experience calls for celebration.

I mentioned that I was apprehensive about having a staycation on a "business hotel" but little did I know, B Hotel in Alabang is more than just that. Although they cater to business travelers more often, it is the goal of B Hotel to provide service to their guests a business mixed with pleasure through a delightful hospitality service that they can provide.

I woke up a little early on the third day because I was dead set on packing my things prior to attending to our activity for the day.

I was excited that we have a brunch schedule at Caviar Restaurant located within the area.

While waiting for brunch, we decided to have breakfast first. We are hardcore, remember?

Breakfast Buffet at Prime Cafe od B Hotel Alabang
Just like the previous day, our breakfast was spent at B Hotel's Prime Cafe. I was happy that we bumped into Guia of Food Reviews Manila blog while she was doing her route to take photos. She joined us for breakfast and it was a sweet time for bonding.

The dining area was already bustling with people when we got there. Luckily, we were seated in no time. The buffet spread was of decent choices.

Since we already know the drill about the bacon, we fired up our orders way before our coffees were served.

We had a feast of extra crisp bacon alongside our breakfast meal.

Crisp Bacon on the Breakfast Buffet of Prime Cafe at B Hotel Alabang
It was around 10am when we finished our breakfast. We only got an hour to prepare for brunch so I decided to spent it at the al fresco dining area of B Hotel with some coffee while I check my work email.

B Hotel was again kind enough to help us get to our destination by providing shuttle service.

There were other plenty of hotel guests who were using the B Hotel shuttle service and I am guessing most of them were very pleased with this added bonus.

Coffee at Al Fresco Dining Hall of B Hotel Alabang
Come a little past 11am, we reached Caviar Restaurant Champagne Bar.

Not all of us were able to join since some of them were watching the Pacquiao - Bradley Fight. The tickets were also provided by the kindly peeps at Bellevue Manila.

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar, Alabang
At Caviar Restaurant, we were served a special off-the-menu brunch items. 

I was glad that nothing too heavy was served to us at Caviar because we are still scheduled to feast on lunch specials at Phoenix Court by 1pm.

Brunch at Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Room
So like what I've said, we spent the day waiting and eating and eating while waiting to eat.

That's the life, hey.

Phoenix Court of Bellevue Hotel Manila
During our lunch at Phoenix Court, we were joined by the bunch who watched the Pacquiao - Bradley Fight at Bellevue Hotel's Vue Bar.

While watching the fight, they were also invited to partake at the buffet spread prepared for those who have tickets for the game.

As you may have known, Pacquiao won, so the happy vibe during lunch time was very apparent.

Food Bloggers at Phoenix Court, Bellevue Hotel Manila
Our lunch at Phoenix Court does not involved a buffet spread, but the chef's specials served to us felt like it.

The photo below was just the first wave of our feast, we had more including three whole Peking Duck!

I will write more about our last feast at Bellevue Manila before going home that day soon.

Feast at The Phoenix Court
After the lunch, it was time to bid farewell to everyone. But first, photo op with the entire group!

I had a photo with Jane which I was supposed to post here on the blog, but Euge proved once again that photographing people is not his thing. All three photos were blurred (Thanks Euge!)

So, I kindly asked Spanky if I could borrow his photo of our class pictures so that you guys will have an idea who are these hardcore people who had a three-day feast in Alabang.

After the photo op, we headed back to B Hotel to pack our belongings and savor the memories of the epic weekend staycation we had.

Truth be told, this staycation was by far the most memorable I had for such a long time. The generosity and kindness of people around were remarkably unforgettable.

Manila Food Bloggers at Phonix Court Bellevue Manila Class Picture (Photo Courtesy of Spanky Enriquez)
Class Picture (Photo Courtesy of Spanky Enriquez)
The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts Group were hands down generous in providing us home for the weekend. The staff at B Hotel Alabang were commendable and I could only pray to heaven that they may be blessed because they are doing an impeccable job in making their guests feel comfortable and well taken care of. They totally made me realized that although they are a business hotel, their drive to serve their guests and make them feel at home made a big difference.

There are a lot of people, businesses, etc. to give gratitude to because they all made our staycation well worth remembering for years to come. Jane, the Queen of the South and the super adorable blogger behind the blog Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice in particular was such a superstar with her dazzling personality and downright kindness. Her family was equally awesome and endearing. The staycation wouldn't be possible without Go Family. A day after I got back home, I emailed Jane with a thank you note but in reality, such kindness deserves more than an email.

The people behind the brands which made our staycation all the more enjoyable through the perks they provided deserves gratitude as well. So, I will be writing a feature about their products soon. (Please note, feature, NOT review.)

Lastly, the staycation wouldn't be as enjoyable without the presence of the company I was with. These people, I have been with for several dining engagements in the past, hence, I feel most comfortable with them. (Shout out to The Pickiest Eater and Rina's Rainbow for the ride, to Chuckie Dreyfus and wife The Tummy Traveler for nice poolside bonding time and to Tales From The Tummy and Irene for reminding me to stop eating, seriously.)

In the coming days I will be posting the feature for the sponsored I have mentioned here including the restaurants we visited while we were in Alabang. While I will have to give way to some of my blog posts not related to our staycation, rest assured that we will be back in remembering the epic weekend that was.

After a week of meatless diet, this was an epic comeback.

More food posts soon!

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