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Staycation at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila [Day Three]

Saturday, April 26, 2014
I was under the impression that the third day of our hotel staycation and food tripping at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila will be way "lighter" in terms of food consumption compared to the past two days.

It wasn't.

The first day was a beautiful prelude to the weekend that was, and filled with a lot of food and thoughtful accommodation from the people behind Bellevue Hotels and Resorts, the second day was equally epic.

The third day was all about eating while waiting to eat yet again.

HOTEL STAYCATION IN MANILA. Staycation and Foodtrip at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Hotel Manila, Breakfast BUffet at Prime Cafe of B Hotel Alabang, Brunch at Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar, Lunch at Phoenix Court in Bellevue Hotel Manila
We only got few things on our itenerary since we are scheduled for a check out on the third day. But it doesn't mean that we went easy on the eating spree. Who could blame me really? We were given an impressive accommodation and impeccable service at B Hotel, such experience calls for celebration.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila [Day Two]

Friday, April 25, 2014
Our second day of hotel staycation at B Hotel in Alabang started with a breakfast buffet spread completely devoid of bacon.

My cousin Euge was already giving me an evil stare while contemplating on literally dragging me to the nearest establishment that could give him his daily bacon fix.

I feared for my life at some point. Those stares were gut wrenching, I tell you.

Good thing though that despite the bacon’s illuminating absence on the buffet spread of B Hotel’s Prime CafĂ©, it can be had.

All you need to do is ask.

HOTEL STAYCATION IN MANILA. Staycation at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Hotel Manila. Breakfast Buffet at Prime Cafe in B Hotel Alabang. Lunch Buffet at Cafe D Asie in Bellevue Manila. Azurea Spa at Bellevue Manila. Chorizo de Cebu. Angus Beef Tapa by Jam Foods Inc. Vue Bar at Bellevue Manila. Kat's Cafe
While I was being glared at with an evil stare, I was already fumbling through my phone in an attempt to contact my ever reliable friend, The Pickiest Eater, the bacon aficionado himself to save us from an impending doom of bacon-less world when another good friend Abet of The Food Alphabet came in to the rescue.

Staycation at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila [Day One]

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The news about a weekend hotel staycation at B Hotel and Bellevue Hotel Manila both located in Alabang, Muntinlupa came in a form of an enthusiastic email from one of my blogger friends Jane of Sugar and Spice blog. I just came from a week of meatless diet and I was dead set on slowly introducing my system to meat again. Slowly was the operative word. But then the Universe had another plan.

Jane’s email held a promise of fun and food-filled weekend with some of Manila Food Bloggers I consider my friends. While the entire itinerary presented to us was downright enticing, I was on a fence. Mainly because I feared that three days of non-stop eating would screw up my system big time after having had the meatless diet the previous week. Good thing though that my good friend Pickiest Eater’s unwavering enthusiasm was and is always contagious. Also, Jane’s undeniably entertaining email of an invite was too charming to reciprocate with regrets. Hence, I fired an en email to Jane with a big yes. Best decision, I must say.

HOTEL STAYCATION IN MANILA. Staycation at B Hotel in Alabang and Bellevue Hotel Manila
We are a group of more than 10 bloggers. Due to the season when hotels are mostly booked for the upcoming holidays, half of our group was assigned to stay at Bellevue Manila while the other half was assigned to B Hotel, the Bellevue Manila’s sister hotel. I was part of the group who was assigned to B Hotel and while I have not yet experienced a staycation in a “business hotel” (save for one overnight stay at some 3-star hotel wherein I was assigned to write a feature about their renovation) and was a bit apprehensive about it, I was confident that given the company I will be joining, not to mention the exciting itinerary, I knew that it will be an epic weekend staycation. And it was.

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