San Marino Tuna Laing: A New Healthy and Delicious Treat from San Marino

November 03, 2015
Tuna Laing is the new product of San Marino, a brand known for creating healthy and great tasting products. I have always loved San Marino products especially their Corned Tuna and the Blue Mackerel Steak in Tomato Sauce. These two are mainstays in my pantry. When I do not have time to cook and prepare viands, I could always count on San Marino.
Now that they have introduced San Marino Tuna Laing, I am super stoked to try it out.

San Marino Tuna Laing, Healthy and Fast Wy to Enjoy Your Favorite Filipino Dish Laing
Laing is one of my favorite viands.  It is healthy and delicious so, regardless if it is devoid of the usual meat which I love, I am still all for it. The thing is, Laing is not really easy to cook because of the preparation it entails. So when craving for Laing hit me, I still have to wait when I finally have time to cook or when I have time to visit a restaurant that serves the dish. 

Tuna Laing in Can by San Marino
Imagine the heartaches when I am working late at night, finishing some food write ups for the blog or magazines I write for, then a sudden Laing craving hit me. It happened to me before and it is a sad experience I tell you.

That is why I am thankful that one of the brands I trust finally introduced their own version of Laing. Now the icing on top of the proverbial cake comes in the form of tuna!  Laing with tuna, what’s not to love?  

Convenient Way to Enjoy Filipino Laing
Taro leaves which a Laing dish is made of is naturally packed with Vitamins A, C , Fiber, and Protein. While tuna on the other hand is known as one of the best sources of Omega 3. Combine these two and you are in for a healthy feast. Indulgence without the guilt, only a happy heart – and tummy. 

Easy Open Can of San Marino Canned Goods
Suffice it to say that one of the many things I love about San Marino Tuna Laing is the convenience it brings. If I don’t have time to prepare the ingredients and cook laing, all I have to do is open a can of San Marino Tuna Laing and I am all set. 

Quick and Fast Way to Enjoy Laing
This tuna laing comes in an easy to open can. It can be a perfect baon to bring anywhere. But if one could spare a little time – just a little time, a little sautéing in olive oil with onion can also yield a satisfying San Marino Tuna Laing. Pour it on top of a heaping bowl of rice and you’re in for a great tuna laing experience.

Opening a can of San Marino Tuna Laing can be a treat in itself as it has the aroma we all love in a laing dish. The goodness does not just stopped right there because it tasted good as well. For only Php32.00 per 180g can, you can now experience another healthy and delicious treat from San Marino. So, I suggest you try it out now. 

To know more about San Marino Tuna Laing, please check out and like their Facebook page at (/SanMarinoCornedTuna) Share your love for San Marino Tuna Laing by uploading your photo enjoying the product on your social media accounts using the hashtags #SanMarinoTunaLaing and #SanMarino

4 comments on "San Marino Tuna Laing: A New Healthy and Delicious Treat from San Marino"
  1. Wow i do like and crave for laing, is this available in the market already?

    Thanks for the review....

  2. Wow i do like and crave for laing, is this available in the market already?

    Thanks for the review....

    1. Hi Jessie, yes it is already available in the supermarkets. I got mine from SM Hypermarket in Pasig last time I refilled my stock at home. Feel free to share with us your thoughts once you tried it :)

      Thanks for swinging by my blog!

  3. I love laing. I will try this soon.

    Beautiful photos Ms. Yedi!


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